'Kiss of the Sea', a unique multimedia show, opens to rave reviews on Phu Quoc Island

2024-01-30 08:56:35
A new oceanside, multimedia, multi-sensory show, created by an award-winning French producer, amazed a full house at the official premiere on 26th January in Sunset Town on Phu Quoc Island.

The sold-out performance is another feather in the cap for Sunset Town, which has become 'the Pearl Island's' premier destination thanks to the recently opened "Kiss Bridge", an iconic landmark, and VUI-Fest Bazaar, a new vibrant and contemporary night market concept.  

'Kiss of the Sea', the latest jewel in Sun Group's crown, marks the fourth consecutive addition to the entertainment complex in Sunset Town, Phu Quoc. This development comes as part of an impressive investment totaling over 4,000 billion VND. In the history of Vietnam's entertainment industry, it stands out as the most substantial investment in such a complex to date.

All 5,000 tickets on the night of ‘Kiss of the Sea’ grand opening were sold out.

'Kiss of the Sea' is the brainchild of the Paris-based production company ECA2, which has developed some of the world’s most renowned spectacular multimedia shows, including Wings of Time (Singapore), Fountain of Dream (China), and BIG O (South Korea).

The multi-sensory show, an extravaganza of light, music, fireworks and dance, received rave reviews from the audience on opening night and has already been called a game-changer for Vietnam's entertainment industry.

During the opening of the show, Mr. Dang Minh Truong - Chairman of Sun Group, stated: "Delivering a breathtaking multi-sensorial experience that amazed a multi-generation and multicultural audience, 'Kiss of the Sea' has clearly set a new benchmark for stage shows, not just in Vietnam, but the whole world over. Showcasing cutting-edge production techniques and innovative special effects as well as mesmerizing performances from the performers, I believe this show will redefine our understanding of entertainment and art”.

Featuring fire, water, laser, light, music, visuals and fireworks as well as acrobatic performances by 60 international performing artists hailing from 20 countries, the show has been described as a dazzling spectacle. Each showtime concludes with a high-altitude fireworks display featuring visual effects, which will always leave the audience amazed. The fireworks script will also be continuously updated, meaning every awe-inspiring experience will be unique.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Canizares, CEO of ECA2, said: “'Kiss of the Sea' is a one-of-a-kind show in so many ways. Firstly, it’s the biggest show of its kind, not just here in Phu Quoc or in Vietnam. I mean it’s the biggest in Asia, potentially, maybe even the biggest in the world! Our company has never done anything at this scale before and, from our heart, of course, we’re happy about it, we’re proud about it and we hope that everybody will like the show the way we like it because, truly, it’s outstanding! We have the most advanced technologies on the biggest stage on one of the world's most beautiful islands… we have an amazing cast, incredible costumes and we have fireworks everywhere. Come on, you have to like it!”

This dazzling spectacle of ‘Kiss of the Sea’ is attractively presented by 60 multicultural artists hailing from 20 countries worldwide.

Upon opening 'Kiss of the Sea' has also become one of the world's largest sea-based theater shows with a capacity of 5,000 and a seawater screen that spans 1,000 square meters by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The recently opened iconic 'Kiss Bridge' is also part of the unique stage show, which weaves a tale of intergalactic love between a man on Earth and a beautiful female guardian from the other side of the galaxy. The story chronicles not only their romance but also their epic struggle against dark forces to safeguard the planets. Audiences are whisked away on an emotional journey, during which they witness a breathtaking clash between the elemental forces of fire and water before they are swept into euphoria amid the sky-bursting fireworks, celebrating the cosmic lovers' triumph over evil.

On the night of its premiere, all 5,000 tickets for the show were sold out. Many famous local and international artists, such as Han Sara and Ngo Kien Huy, flew to Phu Quoc especially to enjoy this unique spectacle, which will further raise the profile of this tropical island as an exciting and vibrant destination.

During the show's debut, members of the audience were gasping with delight as they experienced a multi-sensory and emotional "feast" created by the interplay of lights, lasers, fire, water, and fireworks with the performers' acrobatics. After the show concluded with an incredible display of fireworks, the grandstands erupted with applause and cheers, creating a vibrant and unforgettable scene.

Lera, a visitor from Kazakhstan, said: "I was blown away and surprised by this performance during my Phu Quoc trip. I had goosebumps in nearly every scene, and the fireworks finale was next level! Honestly, I was on such a high, I felt tears welling up!”

A highlight of Kiss of the Sea show is the daily firework displays.

A landmark and pioneering show, 'Kiss of the Sea' underlines Sun Group's dedicated and ongoing mission in Vietnam to “Adding charm to the lands” with far-reaching investments and developments. Indeed, Sun Group and their French partners worked for eight years to perfect this masterpiece. Together, they have evidently produced a world-class entertainment and cultural experience that will not only elevate the allure of Phu Quoc but also leave an indelible mark on the tourism industry in Vietnam and the region.

Along with Kiss Bridge and VUI-Fest Bazaar, 'Kiss of the Sea' further highlights Phu Quoc as a dynamic year-round hotspot in the eyes of global travelers.

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'Kiss of the Sea', a unique multimedia show, opens to rave reviews on Phu Quoc Island

A new oceanside, multimedia, multi-sensory show, created by an award-winning French producer, amazed a full house at the official premiere on 26th January in Sunset Town on Phu Quoc Island.
08:56:35 | 30/01/2024