Vietnam wins gold at ASEAN ICT Awards 2019

2019-10-29 11:10:00
The ViettelStudy online learning social network of the Military Industry-Telecoms Group Viettel won a gold at the ASEAN ICT Awards 2019 (AICTA) on October 28 in Vientiane, Laos.

Representatives of Viettel (right) receive the award.


Launched in March 2018, ViettelStudy is the core of Viettel's educational ecosystem, connecting managers, teachers, students, and their parents. This is a 3-in-1 technology platform, including a social network for user identification, a training management system, and e-commerce to help educators connect and collaborate with students and their parents. It also provides online lessons, examinations, and mini games for students to use during the learning process.

The learning contents have been developed by reputable teachers, content development companies, and educational institutions across the country.

ViettelStudy helps management agencies interact with users. Students can connect with their teachers and friends while following the instructions of their teachers or the system after testing, and share an unlimited number of documents with other students.

The product has also applied big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to develop the application software. Based on information gained through the learning process and the strengths and weaknesses of students, ViettelStudy will analyze their learning behaviors and give practical suggestions to help them study more effectively.

Up until now, this is the only learning social network in Southeast Asia which was highly appreciated by the ASEAN ICT Awards for its popularity and ability to connect with all educational subjects.

"The most important criterion is how the product can make an impact in the region, and to solve the existing problems. The product must be scaled up, and not encapsulated in that country or in the ASEAN region," said Pracha Asawateera, the judge of AICTA.

ViettelStudy has had 11 million users, including teachers, students, and parents from 40,000 schools across the country, of whom 500,000 customers' accounts regularly use the service.

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