Amazon offers a range of new and improved tools and programs to empower local businesses across all stages of online exports

2023-10-19 22:00:00
Sellers can now benefit from Amazon’s cost-effective, innovative, and advanced offerings to sell on Amazon, register accounts, create brand promotions, build branding, and optimize logistics.

The Amazon Cross-border E-commerce Summit 2023, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam shared the launch of a range of new and upgraded tools, programs, and services to provide selling partners with comprehensive solutions to quickly and reliably start and grow their global business and brand with Amazon.

The initiatives are designed to enhance SMEs' readiness and competitiveness throughout each stage of the selling journey on Amazon, from subscribing to sell on Amazon with the Fee Waiver promotion, registering an account with JITA, creating

brand promotions and solidifying your brand building with Brand Tailored Promotions, and optimizing logistics with upgraded SEND. Key launches include:

Subscription fee waiver: US $1 for the first 6 months’ subscription to sell on Amazon

To provide more access for selling partners interested in exploring online exports, Amazon is offering a six-month discount on the Professional Selling plan to sellers located in Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam who register to start selling on Amazon for the first time. Such sellers will pay a total of US$1* for the first six months of their subscription (US $1 for the first month and US $0 for the following five months), instead of paying the standard fee of US$39.99 per month. This promotion opens up a low-cost entry opportunity into cross-border e-commerce, helping sellers overcome financial obstacles and leave their first footprint in the international market. The promotion applies from October 4, 2023 to April 3, 2024.

Gijae Seong, Head of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, introduced a series of new and improved tools, programs to empower Vietnamese businesses in accelerating online exports through Amazon.

Just In Time Assistant (JITA) tool: real-time assistance to guide sellers through registration

To support the seller account registration process, Amazon launched JITA to provide real-time assistance and guide sellers through registration.

JITA's comprehensive guidance is delivered in multiple formats including text, images, videos, and hyperlinks in many languages, including Vietnamese. The multi-format assistance ensures sellers’ accessibility to diverse preferences and needs with the right help during the registration process so that they can complete this smoothly.

JITA is expected to streamline the onboarding process while reducing reliance on conventional assistance channels like email and phone calls. This is expected to result in improved registration rates and enhanced onboarding efficiency.

Brand Tailored Promotions: Enhance brand loyalty and drive sales

Amazon is excited to introduce Brand Tailored Promotions, an exclusive solution that will help sellers build their customer base and brand loyalty in Amazon’s store by offering promotional codes to their potential and new customers.

Through Brand Tailored Promotions, sellers can offer promotional discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off on all products to specific customer types to boost customer conversions, repeat purchases, and customer retention rates. By rewarding customers with customizable promotions, businesses are enabled to expand their customer base and enhance brand loyalty with repeating purchases, thus driving sales, and imprinting a brand’s global presence and engagement. In particular:

Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Brand Tailored Promotions connect brands with diverse customer segments including Brand Followers, Potential New Customers, Repeat Customers, High-Spend Customers, Recent Customers, and Cart Abandoners. By offering tailored promotions to these segments, brands can significantly boost customer loyalty and retention.

Customized Promotions: Brands can offer promotional discounts tailored to their budget, ranging from 10% to 50% off on all products within their catalog. Each eligible customer can redeem the promotion on a single purchase.

Stackable Promotions: Brand Tailored Promotions discounts can be combined with other deals, coupons, or promo codes, providing customers with additional savings.

Continuous Usage: Brands can utilize Brand Tailored Promotions as often as they desire, creating flexibility in running promotions and engaging with their target audience.

Upgraded Logistics Solutions with the Seller Export and Delivery (SEND) Program

Amazon will expand the SEND (Seller Export and Delivery) program to include more carriers and services for selling partners sending FBA shipments. Officially launched in Vietnam in July 2023, SEND is the first integrated third-party cross-border inbound logistics solution, providing cross-border e-commerce selling partners with one-stop cross-border logistics and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services.

From November 2023, Amazon expands SEND to include more carriers and services for selling partners using air transport for their FBA shipments. Through this program, selling partners can choose air shipping services with two carriers.

From December 2023, Amazon extends SEND to ocean shipping, providing diverse shipping services to selling partners for their FBA shipments. Selling partners now can choose the most suitable shipping option for their needs from express, air cargo, and ocean freight.

Selling partners can use the service directly through Amazon's Seller Central, enjoying a stable, reliable, highly efficient, and cost-effective end-to-end cross-border inbound logistics experience offered by third-party carrier service providers.

Amazon Day-1 Vietnam Training Center goes into operation

Amazon Global Selling further enhanced its presence in Vietnam and supports to sellers by announcing the official opening of the Amazon Day-1 Vietnam Training Center and a new office in HCMC. Located in District 1, this location includes a professional workplace for Amazon employees, an onsite training and networking center, and a livestream studio to produce and broadcast online educational content and webinars to serve the growing needs of cross-border e-commerce.

Amazon Global Selling has continually expanded resources to empower Vietnamese sellers to thrive in with cross-border e-commerce. Following Amazon Global Selling’s 3 key strategic priorities in 2024, the new and improved initiatives are enablers for selling partners to address the challenges, drive their success and pave the sustainable growth for their online export journey.

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